A family of BUTTS and their Gassy Adventures

The Farties are a series of books that use humour and laughter to teach everyone manners. Learning through laughter has never been easier! The Farties books are for anyone who loves to laugh. Laughter and Fun have no age limit and is enjoyed all over the world.


The One The Only Magnificent Mary Learns to Skate

Follow along in their adventure while her broth and cousins teach Magnificent Mary how to skate. It is so much fun to learn new things with your family and always remember to laugh! The important lesson is to NEVER GIVE UP. This wonderful family book will bring this lesson to life with lots of giggles along the way.

Meet The Farties

Meet the Farties will take you on an adventure to meet the Farties family and all our fun-loving characters. Our book is sure to have you in a fit of giggles as they teach us, we are all the same when it comes to toots, no matter what differences we have. Read all abutt, OOPS we mean about, what to do when gas sneaks up on you.

Look Out!

Timmy Tootie and his Tooteriffic Turbo

Timmy Tootie is the inventor of The Gang, he loves to take things apart see how they work and put them back together, sometimes a tootally different way. You can always find Timmy Tootie in the garage or his room, thinking, dreaming and inventing something, he is a young engineer.

It is a bootieful, bright sunny day for the go cart race! Timmy Tootie is ready with his flashy go cart. All his friends (The Buttie’s gang) and family have come out to cheer him on. Timmy is very excited and a bit nervous because it is his first ever go cart race. What colour is Timmy’s go cart, how fast does Timmy’s go cart go, what makes Timmy’s go cart run SUPERFAST!, does Timmy win the race???

The answers and more are in the new book from The Farties Inc,

Coming Soon!


This little girl loves Magnificent Mary and the "Famous Bumper Butt Pads"
to help "Magnificent Mary" learn to skate..


He loves pushing the Famous Fartie Machine of "Meet the Farties" with all the tootie noises


A little fartie fun today. My little ones love your book😉

"Meet the Farties"..

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