We’ve laughed, giggled and howled while creating the characters of all our little BUTTS.

Now it is time to share! We cannot wait for you too to laugh your heads off with The Farties Products. Who just wants to howl at something so funny but so natural and original? We like keeping it real in these crazy mixed up days!

Who needs more Fun? Who needs more Laughter? Everybody!!!!!

Follow along in their adventure while her brother and cousins teach Magnificent Mary how to skate. It is so much fun to learn new things with your family and always remember to laugh! The important lesson is to NEVER GIVE UP. This wonderful family book will bring this lesson to life with lots of giggles along the way.

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One Toot at a Time!

We will be introducing over 50 little BUTT characters as more and more books come your way.

Just like “Gas will Travel“ Farties products will spread joy and giggles across the world! Our mission is to create more laughter, more fun, and just more stress relief. We lighten the mind and help you take a load off.

Breaking wind with Manners!