The Fartie Ladies

The Farties are a series of books that use humour and laughter to teach everyone manners. Learning through laughter has never been easier! The Farties books are for anyone who loves to laugh. Laughter and Fun have no age limit and they are both enjoyed all over the world.

As we continued to become more and more popular, we kept getting asked to perform at a whole bunch of functions all over sharing the story. As a family we all decided that to really do it right we needed something that kids and adults of any age can have fun with. We knew it had to make everyone laugh and help to teach everyone good lessons.


The Fartie Ladies' all dressed up in our signature Big Pink Whoppee Costumes had been on "DRAGON DEN"...Everyone had a good laugh about our book "Meet the Farties" and our fuuny song and presentation.

We are sitting in the audience listening to Mr. Kevin O'Leary as he tells the crowd how he became as successful. He then show the audience a video of the many careers opportunity he has had.. As Rhonda-Lee and I are sitting watching THE VIDEO we nearly fell out of our chair when we see "The Fartie Ladies" appear on he screen...from Dragon Den... It was a defining moment for us to know we are on the right career path and it just keeps getting better. We went down to talk to Kevin and introduced ourselves as being "The Fartie Ladies" on Dragon Den.. Kevin had a chuckle. We asked for a picture and he was so gracious and smile. Kevin told us to work with distribution companies to get our products out.


Rhonda-Lee and I went to hear Gene Simmons speak in Toronto. He is a really KOOL guy. He has a lot of great information about how Branding everything about "KISS" gave their Band world wide acknowledgments.

Gene came out to the audience for questions and I was fortunate enough to ask Mr. Gene a Question about Branding. I gave Mr Gene a gift package of the "The Farties" ( the family of little BUTTS and their gassy adventures. I said we could do a cartoon about "Kiss" running around singing little cartoon BUTTS...Mr Gene smile...then I mention I had just written a funny little song about "The Farties nd Mr. GENE.

He looked at me ..He looked the Audience. He handed the mike over to me and said "lets hear it"..I thought I was going to pass out..BUTTTT being the performer I am LOL.. I went for it..The crowd love the song and here it is by The Farties Ladies.

We had a great time and Mr. Gene loved our ideas.


How funny is this?????...No getting away from it...Gas is on the move...Gas is gotta get you....Gas keep coming around the Corner. Watch for it....LOL

Rhonda-Lee and Brett Butt....LOL...

The Dragons' Den

We were so excited to be given an opportunity to audition for Dragons Den. We were working with a young woman, one of the producers from Dragons Den and she just loved our first showing. We were patiently waiting to hear from her and then we received an email saying we could expect a message from the Dragons very soon. We thought we couldn’t get any busier, but they called and we had 3 weeks to get ready!

We were ready to blow the Dragons away!

Wow were we nervous but so excited at the same time. Over 4000 applications and 200 people get a call back and only 160 get to show their stuff to the dragons. We were so proud just for the chance to give our best!

We practiced and practised, and we were all ready with our plan and a little rap song to put it all together. After our business proposal we go on to tell the Dragon’s all about Meet the Farties. We laughed nd giggled with them about all the bodily functions we all have in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter who you are... everybody toots, even our pets! We are all in the same class with our gas.


We arrived in Toronto to taped our appearance on Zoink’d. Zoink'd was a YTV production in Toronto. The show was about adults performing for kid judges who weigh in on the “silly, ridiculous and often comical talents” of adults. The flatulence-loving, well-mannered Fartie Ladies are the Authors of "The Fartie Series" and along with the Fartie books have also written their own songs to go with the family of cartoon talking "BUTTS:..and their gassy adventures.. The Fartie Ladies were at a bit of a disadvantage as the third member of The Fartie Ladies, wasn’t allowed to perform with them because she was too young....the show was for adults' only The Fartie Ladies landed a spot on Zoink’d thanks to Lindsay Neeley, an assistant producer on Dragon’s Den when they appeared on that show in 2010. “She just loved us,” Van Cromvoirt said. “She really gets our message of good manners in a fun way.” That connection paid off when Neeley asked show host and comedian Adam Christie to interview the youngest member of the Fartie Ladies that came with the family to cheer us on. It was great that "Honey" of the Fartie Ladies got to be part of the show, The Fartie Ladies came in second to a magician who used doves in his act. “As soon as I saw those doves, I knew we were in trouble,” Funny said of The Fartie Ladies.. “A lot of folks young and older really think "The Farties" need their own TV show,” . “We would hit all ages. There would be no barriers … Everybody has gas.” Lets blow this out of the water and really help reduce STRESS...

Canada's Got Talent

The Fartie Ladies arrives in Toronto to perform on Canada Got Talent...all dressed in our signature outfits.. Big Pink whoopee costumes with Colouful Socks, Big Pink and Purple Hair and even bigger personality.. We are ready to let it rip with their signature song "The Fartie Ladies"... What a HOO..TIN good Time. WOW!!!! Gas was flying that day. So much FUN standing in line chatting with everyone...So many people wanted their pictures taken with us... We never went on with intending to win. We went go to promote the humor of life that when things get to you.. the FARTIE LADIES are here to "Entertain" and help you take a load off...

Crime Stoppers

Then there is “Crime Stoppers”, what a great cause and they asked they asked The Fartie Ladies if we would be apart of their amazing event. We love to help our local communities and their incredible causes. Once we received our warrant we might have hesitated for just a minute BUTT we were ready to serve our time. We were confident that our charges wouldn’t sully the Meet the Farties reputation because of our gas.

We helped raise over $8500 in the 2010 Jail & Bail!

We were just having a lovely cup of coffee in our local coffee shop when three police offices showed up to arrest us all. Imagine, we have never so full of hot air in our lives, the nerve of these officers and in front of all our neighbors. We knew we had to fight the charges! The Fartie ladies did not go easily!

Thank goodness the wonderful people of Paris bailed out the Fartie Ladies and we didn’t have to spend too much time locked up. All in all it was a great cause and The Fartie Ladies read out book Meet the Farties and the judge just laughed and laughed, he finally said if he couldn’t stop laughing he would have to let us go. I guess he really enjoyed the giggles and he must be laughing to this day because we are free!