The Family Behind The Farties

How did The Farties come to be?

Once upon a time a little girl was visiting her Grandma. They loved each other very much and always had so much fun playing games and acting silly...They just loved to laugh!
One day when the little girl was visiting her Grandma, she began to shout. "Watch Out Grandma…” Here comes Magnificent Mary".... and a very loud toot popped out
Grandma looked a little shocked and so did the little girl as the toot was quite loud. It was a little surprising but then came then the giggles started. Grandma and her little Granddaughter just couldn’t stop laughing!
Grandma started thinking if her and her little granddaughter could have this much fun maybe they could share this fun with the whole world so they could laugh too.
They started making up up more names for all of the funny noises our bodies make. Timmy Tootie, Billy Bubbles, Hold it Harriet, Might Maggie, Walk away Willie, Loaded Loyd, Not me Mama ... Cause you know mommas never admit to anything, and finally Grandpa Fred and Grandma Flo Flatulence.

And so it began a journey of love, giggles. and the creation of The FARTIES..

A Family of little cartoon BUTTS and their gassy adventures.
It took us two years for our research on all those funny sounds and there was nothing like us. By golly do we have an original!
There is so much on GAS, FARTS, TOOTS and FLATUALENCE.
BUT.. no BUTTS telling their Story.
Magnificent Mary was already created from my granddaughter when she yelled out her name and the rest were created by my youngest daughter who just took a closer look at our whole family and it all came together. The little ones are based off my oldest daughters children and I’m sure you can guess where the rest of our BUTT FAMILY came from.
Soon it was time for the BUTTS to tell their story. Each of our little butts has their own personality, attitude and style.

Join us on our hilarious journey of The Farties

A family of cartoon butts and their gassy adventures. Our books are fresh, original, and extremely entertaining for the whole family. Our motto is “Cute not Crude”. Flatulence has no language, race, religious or political barrier. Gas is universal! We strive to create more humour, more laughter and more joy in peoples lives regardless of their age.

The Farties INC wants to show people how humour can heal. We are ready to light up the world and Blast out with giggles.

Our mission is to see families having fun together while learning life’s important lessons like manners, morals, and respect. Always treat other with kindness!